Only recently hitting the eyewear scene in 2015, Falvin has already proven exceptional worth through their innovative designs. Falvin has gained great attention with expeditious  international growth that has put this brand on the forefront of the designer glasses platform. 

Using audacious colours and frames, the Danish style is reflected authentically in the eyewear range, thriving on providing eyewear that combines Danish style with a Japanese touch. Committed to providing high quality, Falvin uses titanium in the frames which although light weight, is very enduring, resulting in a frame that sits perfectly on your face.


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Falvin believes that eyewear is critical in making your own personal statement to the world, as it reveals your true self. Throughout the eyewear range there is a beautiful array of colours that are created to blend naturally with skin tones and clothing, to provide glasses that make a true but subtle statement of who you are. 

Every frame streamlines elegant silhouettes in titanium, which can be customised to suit both your style and measurements, or you can choose from the variety of collections that we have hand picked for our stores.



These luxurious glasses will complement any look, whether it’s day to day in the office, or as an accessory for that dress you’ve always wanted to style. Falvin continues to remind us how to have Aesthetic Attitude through our frames. 

Want to find the perfect Falvin frame for you? Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores with one of our experienced Style Consultants, who will help you find the perfect frame to fit you and your style! Book online now.


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