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Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) is a revolutionary treatment that uses custom made contact lenses to gently mould your eyes whilst you sleep. It is a safe alternative to glasses, contact lenses and even laser eye surgery.

A similar concept to braces on your teeth, the lenses act as a retainer, correcting your vision by gently shaping the cornea. When you wake up and remove the contact lenses, the eye is able to hold the corrected shape for up to 16 hours, giving you clear vision all day, without glasses.

The cornea is a highly flexible tissue, which is why the treatment is totally reversible and won’t last long term. To maintain your newfound freedom, the Ortho-K lenses must be worn on a regular basis, or the cornea will return back to its original shape within two to three days.

We are one of the few eye specialists who can offer Ortho-K lenses, thanks to our technologically-advanced clinics and comprehensive eye assessments. OCULA uses a digital corneal topographer which maps the shape of your eye and produces a 3D image which we use to design your Ortho-K lenses.

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About Orthokeratology

How Does Orthokeratology Work?

Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

Who can use Ortho-K lenses?

Ortho-K suits those who want freedom from glasses or contact lenses during the day. Ideal for those who: 

  • Play sports, particularly contact, snow and water sports
  • Have difficulty with conventional contact lenses due to dry eye, allergies or being in hazardous conditions such as building sites
  • Need glasses just for reading
  • Suffer from myopia. Ortho-K can help slow the progression of shortsightedness in children, teenagers and young adults.

If you’re considering Ortho-K, get in touch. We’re happy to discuss whether it’s the right option for your eyes. 

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