Dry Eye

If your eyes feel dry or irritated, it is possible you have dry eye. Most adults experience the condition at some point and it is easily corrected with the proper diagnosis and treatment

Dry eye is a condition where your body can’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eye, or more commonly, the tears evaporate too quickly from your eye. This can be caused by blocked oil glands, or the oil is of poor quality, and is called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

Without good oils, the tears cannot lubricate the eye properly, causing symptoms which vary from a constant niggle to severe irritation that affects your quality of life.

If your eye feels dry, irritated or gritty, it’s possible you have dry eye.

Other symptoms include

  • Blurry, fluctuating vision

  • Feeling the need to blink more often

  • Dryness

  • Gritty, irritated sensation

  • Stinging or achiness

  • Overly-watery eyes

  • Eye and eyelid redness

  • Sensitivity to light.

Meibomian glands


People who suffer dry eye try an average of 3.8 different types of eye drops before seeing an Optometrist. Don’t wait. Eye drops can only offer a temporary relief, whereas OCULA will do a thorough eye examination to find the underlying cause of the problem.

One of the most effective treatment options for dry eye is E-Eye Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, which offers long-term relief and positive results. 


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If you think you have dry eye, our optometrists can plan an effective, long-term treatment plan to best suit your symptoms. Equipped with the latest technology and best treatment practices, the good news is there’s no reason to continue suffering.