Safety Eyewear

When working in industrial settings there is a wide range of hazards that can lead to various incidents happening. Projectiles such as concrete, metal, wood and staples can in a split second lodge into the eye - which can be potentially blinding

Chemical splashes and fumes are also another hazard that can cause serious harm to eyes, if the appropriate equipment isn’t worn. Inappropriate eye protection and failure to meet Health and Safety standards are what contribute to most eye injuries in the workplace. 

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Did you know?

  • Workplace eye injuries cost New Zealand 3 millions dollars every year
  • ACC receives more than 9000 claims for workplace eye injuries each year.
  • Many of those injured are left with long-term impaired vision and some are blinded.
  • Building trades and metal works/machinery industries  have the highest eye injury rates in NZ
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At OCULA, we offer premium prescription safety eyewear through Bolle eyewear. All safety eyewear frames are durable and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, suitable to different safety criteria. 

Bolle Safety Eyewear is leading in it's field, with their focus being on providing top of the line eyewear for every industry. 

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We take safety seriously 

At OCULA, we offer Safety Eyewear Programs for businesses, ensuring that employers are able to supply appropriate eyewear equipment for their employees.

To find out more about our Safety Eyewear Programs, please enquire at

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