Oliver Munro

Oliver is an award-winning optometrist with a wide skill-set and an eye for research. With a passion for myopia control, he enjoys the complexity of orthokeratology and has a particular interest in dual-focus soft contact lens fitting.

Oliver himself is short-sighted, and has been seeing an optometrist and wearing glasses longer than he has been an optometrist himself. This, he feels, is not only what drives his passion for myopia control, but is also what makes him a more empathic practitioner.

With a strong background in clinical research, Oliver is committed to being at the forefront of optical advancement. He has published several papers, one of which was printed in the prestigious American Academy of Optometry and Vision Science Journal in 2016. He spends a considerable amount of time upskilling in the latest techniques and strives to ensure he is always at the top of his game.

In 2019, Oliver has completed his post-graduate certification in glaucoma co-management, which allows Oliver to work with local ophthalmologists to provide primary care for glaucoma patients. Oliver is the first and only optometrist in the Queenstown region to be able to offer this level of care.

Oliver has a warm and confident manner and a sincere love of optometry - and this, combined with his extensive experience, mean that when you book with him your eyes couldn't be in better hands.

Oliver can be seen in Queenstown and Wanaka

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