How it works

Step 1

Log-in or sign-up for a PartPay account. This process takes place on the PartPay website, OR via the PartPay app on your smartphone

This should only take 2-3mins for a new customer. You will need an NZ Driver Licence, and a debit or credit card.

login 1

Step 2

Once approved, simply create an "in-store voucher" to redeem at OCULA.

If you don't know the exact value for this it's quick to do from your smartphone at checkout.


Step 3

Enjoy your goods and services right away. You'll pay your first 25% up-front, and the remainder automatically over the next 3 fortnights (25% every 2-weeks).

PartPay won't charge any fee's or interest unless you miss a payment.

upcoming payment 1