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Posted 17 months ago by Megan Abels

theo SiX EWY 1080 05

theo's frame selection is extensive! This is understandable since the brand was established in 1989. With a knack for unique colour combinations and different shapes, you could get lost trying on such cool, creative eyewear! 

Here's a rundown of our top five collections to help you navigate the brand - you'll be a theo aficionado soon!


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Life is like a game of pinball. Bumpers, spinners and kickers shoot you from one challenge into the next, as lights and sounds scream for your attention. The adventure is exciting, yet the game can get intense. 

The intriguing features of the pinball machine inspired this theo family. A flashy acetate ‘playing field’ for the top half, a ‘wire ramp’-shaped bottom half, ‘ball holders’ in the temple tips. Let this design be a gentle reminder: when life gets intense, find the wire ramp and take a moment to breathe!


  • Bumper
  • Kicker 
  • Spinner 
  • Slinger 
  • Stopper 
  • Shooter 


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The engines are roaring, the race is about to start. The crowd is going crazy for this collection. Green flag! VROOOOAAAW! We’re off with a thrilling turn, full circle around the eye. Into the highest gear for the long stretch, flat out over the top bar from one eyebrow to the next. 

This eyewear series owes its design to the extraordinary shapes of racetracks. The simple lines run in an infinite circuit around the face. Hold tight, you won’t believe the speed at which you fall in love with these sensational slimline frames.


  • Monza 
  • Le Mans 
  • Indianapolis 
  • Silverstone 
  • Daytona 

Mellow potatoes

Screen Shot 2023 01 10 at 3.27.32 PM

Can you imagine eating the same dish every day? No thanks! theo’s potato series is all about celebrating differences. Different shapes, colours, flavours, characters… variation stimulates our appetite for life! What's your favourite way to eat potatoes?


  • Vitelotte 
  • Marfona 
  • Rooster 
  • Ozette 
  • Almond 
  • Bamberg 


Screen Shot 2023 01 10 at 3.28.23 PM

This theo collection is an ode to Christophe Plantin, master of the early printing press. Even centuries after the first book was printed in Antwerp, the love for serif typefaces rubbed off on our theo designers working only a stone’s throw away from the old print workshop. Do these model names look familiar?


  • Baskerville 
  • Bodoni 
  • Century 
  • Times 
  • Cambria 
  • Palatino 


Screen Shot 2023 01 10 at 3.31.30 PM

Aluminium got us to the moon, now it will launch your look to higher places. If it is light enough to lift Apollo 11 off the earth, it is the right material to boost the volume of our metal designs. The light weight of aluminium is the secret behind the bulkiness of these frames!

Inspired by the first men to land on the moon, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, theo keeps pushing the boundaries of eyewear fashion. A small step for you, a giant leap for your style!


  • Armstrong 
  • Collins 
  • Aldrin 

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