Tips for Good Vision in the Modern World

Posted 39 hours ago by Georgie Wadsworth


My Iphone is an extension of my arm. Seriously. My Macbook is a close second, and if I had an Ipad, well, you can bet it wouldn't be far away.

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Boredom Busters that Help Visual Skills

Posted 5 months ago by John Winstone

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Here are some great Christmas gift ideas that will not only keep the kids happy and entertained over the holidays, it will also have them developing great visual skills.

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Wanaka Optometrist Acquires Innovative Technology To Combat Dry Eyes

Posted 9 months ago by Danielle Ross

Danielle Ross demonstrating an IPL treatment 2

Leading Wanaka optometry practice OCULA has acquired cutting-edge technology in the form of a specialised Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine to significantly improve the health of dry eyes.

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