9 common types of visual distortion

Posted 35 hours ago by Danielle Ross

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In my previous blog, I discussed some useful tips on reducing visual stress and distortion. But it occurred to me, often people don't know that the way they see is...

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Seven top tips on reducing visual distortion

Posted 35 hours ago by Danielle Ross

Visual stress visual distortion

Visual distortion is when either the eyes or the vision centre of the brain dont see normally.

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Three simple ways to minimise the effects of Glaucoma

Posted 3 days ago by Georgie Wadsworth

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Hester Duplessis, one of our experienced Wanaka and Queenstown optometrists discusses the how a few small lifestyles changes can have big effect on controlling Glaucoma.

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Seven top tips to protect your eyes from allergies this Spring

Posted 3 months ago by Danielle Ross

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‘Welcome to NZ!’ they said, when I first arrived. ‘Nature’s paradise! Clean! Green!’ Yeah, ok, I admit they were right.

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Attention: All naughty contact lens wearers! (yes, YOU who leaves them in overnight)

Posted 9 months ago by Hester du Plessis

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Hester du Plessis is OCULA’s newest, internationally renowned optometrist and comes with a boatload of clinical experience.

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Tips for Good Vision in the Modern World

Posted 10 months ago by Georgie Wadsworth


My Iphone is an extension of my arm. Seriously. My Macbook is a close second, and if I had an Ipad, well, you can bet it wouldn't be far away.

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Boredom Busters that Help Visual Skills

Posted 14 months ago by Danielle Ross

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Here are some great Christmas gift ideas that will not only keep the kids happy and entertained over the holidays, it will also have them developing great visual skills.

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