Anne et Valentin

Designed and hand-made in France, Anne et Valentin are renowned for their unique and eclectic styles. A non-conformist brand, offering high-end fashion frames, this eyewear is for those with an eye for the bold. Allowing you to showcase your best self to the world, Anne et Valentin designer glasses are an easy way to create a signature style.


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Combining playful and mature, intelligence and creativity, the company set out to inspire individuals through eyewear. Colours that boast tones from the Mediterranean sea, with mint greens, bold reds and sky blues, you are guaranteed to find a colour that will suits your own style. Anne et Valentin offers diversity within all of the collections that are offered, proving that eyewear is the best way to showcase your individual style.

With designs only manufactured in Japan and France, an air of exclusivity is presented through specific materials only able to be sourced and created through the finest technicians of this trade. 


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“Our goal is to create collections full of energy, vitality, and freshness. Our frames have flash without being garish or gaudy, and timeless chic without being predictable. Anne et Valentin frames are inspired by our designers' desire to create for others what they would wish to wear themselves.” - Anne et Valentin

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Anne et Valentine